Ethno-museum of beer and moonshine

Visit the only one in Ukraine, a unique Museum of beer and moonshine. Here you can not only see interesting exhibits, but also taste traditional drinks.

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Museum exposition of beer and moonshine

The exposition is represented exclusively by the original exhibits of brewing and home-distilled fishing. The owner collected the unique collection for 7 years.

Tasting fresh beer and tinctures.

Tasting delicious and high-quality product of our production.

Vasyl Kozhan

The owner of the museum and brewery

The museum is our memories that we inevitably encounter in life. It does not promote excessive consumption of beer or other alcoholic beverages, but always emphasize that any exhibits in the museum are part of the history of our culture of brewing and consumption of this drink.

Brewery BeerHouse

Here you can try several varieties of craft beer of our production.


We selected for you the most delicious Ukrainian and Poltava dishes so that you could not only see the museum’s exposition, but also feel the taste.

Our cuisine

In our establishments you can taste the best Ukrainian and European dishes.

Master Classes

Prepare with your own hands the traditional dishes of Poltava cuisine

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